On Behalf | Motor Hub
Good news, we can now offer a sell on behalf service for your caravan or motorhome. Call Peter on 0274734914 for details.

Onbehalf sale of caravans and Motorhomes

Motorhub professional team are happy to sell your caravan or motorhome on your behalf.

Selling an RV can be stressful and time consuming, leave the sale to the Motorhub team and end up with fast and stress-free sale process.


The process includes:

  • Reach out to the Motorhub team and share details surrounding your caravan or Motorhome
  • Speak with Motorhub about the process of getting your caravans or Motorhome to Motorhubs yard
  • Motorhub conducts a pre-assessment of your caravan or Motorhome to ensure no major issues
  • Motorhub runs a marketing and sale process on your behalf for your vehicle
  • Fingers crossed a quick sale of your caravan or Motorhome

To find out more about Motorhub’s onbehalf sales offering please contact or alternatively 0800 486 287 0800 486 287